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Rich International Inc is a growing company with diversified business interests. Rich International has expertise ranging from software development to drug discovery and manufacturing. Rich International has the support of well developed research and manufacturing facilities, backed up by a team of creative, self motivated individuals.

RichSoft is the Software Development and IT Consultancy division of Rich International, offering cutting edge tools and system architecture development for business. RichSoft offers custom made software applications for your business needs within fixed timeframes and budgets. We also offer analysis of your existing business applications and propose a cost-effective re-design / enhancement that will enable you to reach your business targets with a cutting-edge technical solution. We work closely with our customers, communicating thoroughly with defined "deliverables" at every phase of the development process, specification, design, construction, testing, and implementation. International Life Sciences specialize in Research, Development and Manufacturing of Drugs for major Pharma companies.

International Life Science Inc

International Life Science engages in drug discovery and research to develop new plant / phytochemical based drugs that cure diseases fast and cause no side-effects. Combining the healing power of Ayurveda and the premises of modern scientific research, International Life Science Inc research and develop drugs that are soft on human systems and powerful against diseases.

International Life Science operates from the USA and from India.

Drug Discovery

International Life Science research wing has developed state of the art facilities to identify new formulae and drug development.

At International Life Science, drug discovery is supported by a team of motivated researchers, world class research facilities and backing of Ayurveda knowledge. World class drug research and manufacturing facilities in the USA and India utilizes state of the art communication technologies to compare and study extensive findings.


Gurus Garden

Gurus Garden offers a range of herbal food supplements for people suffering from variety of conditions. The healing powers of herbs were known to the ancient people of India, who have developed Ayurveda, the Science of Life and Living. Today, modern medicine too uses different herbal extracts for preparing medications for specific conditions.

Gurus Garden take the necessary steps required to pass the knowledge of life to benefit of whole humankind. We have a variety of products, each one developed several decades ago and for curing specific conditions and strengthening physique.



RichSoft, the IT wing of Rich International offers Custom Software Development, system Architecture, Internet Technologies and full range of IT Consultancy. Software developers and system architecture experts at RichSoft ensure custom IT solutions and robust system architecture for seamless business operations of our clients.

System Architecture RichSoft provides robust hardware architecture, with customized automated processes, manual procedures, databases, for specific business solutions. We undertake sophisticated design methodologies and development of organizational IT infrastructure including hardware architecture and software implementation.


General Trading

Rich International’s general trading wing handles import, export and distribution of consumer products including Supplies relating to Agricultural Implements, furniture furnishings, Construction & Hardware Products, Electrical & Electronic Supplies, Household Goods & Miscellaneous Items, Laboratory Equipment & Chemicals, hospital laboratory products, Machinery & Self-Reliance Projects, Office Equipment & Stationery, and Recreational Items & Sports Goods

Steel Products
Hot and cold rolled sheets, coils, pickled coils, narrow strip coil, tinplate sheet and coil, galvanized coil, pre-painted coil and slab


Digishow Handheld Projector

Rich International Pvt Ltd has signed a Licence Agreement with Digislide Holdings Limited, Australia, envisaging the dealership of Digishow: a handheld Digital projector, of the size of a mobile phone, which can project movies, photos, games and presentations on any flat surface with a perfect image of 70 inch